NYE 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

We made it! Add another year to the books. How incredibly thankful I am to have my little family all here, healthy, and ready to rock 2015. Thankful to have spent time with loved ones in 2014, and looking forward to yet another set of seasons in 2015.

What originally was going to be "just us" turned into some friends of ours and their son, which turned into a couple of family members and their child, and then some more, and some more. I absolutely adore when parties sort of 'evolve' like that. There is no planning or fretting. No worrying about making sure you have enough cups, or planning a big spread. People just show up and hang out. The frosting on the cake of 2014.

We got to do a few of our ideas from my 15 for 2015 list, but since we had lots of other littles to play with, they weren't quite as interested in what I had (very last minute) planned. Which was great, because no paper plate noisemaker will ever hold a candle to playing with your friends and cousins.

To start off the night though, our resident party planner, Lily, set up their table. I thought it was so sweet how she did it, and also made me wonder where her inspiration comes from because Mama couldn't even set up a table remotely close to this without consulting Pinterest...

Hat decorating (y'all please avert your eye from our pitiful walls in the playroom. They are slated for overhaul in February)

Nothing says party like it's 2015 like mutli-colored pompoms 

'Say man, this elastic string buggin' you as much as it's buggin' me?'

A huge shout out to to those who photograph young children for a living, I have no idea how you make them all look at the camera at the same time. Is it Photoshop? I refuse to believe they actually make it happen. If they do it's sorcery, sorcery I tell you! 

Wouldn't be NYE without a little sparkle and pop! 

Fireworks evrahwhere

And it can't be 42 and not have a little crackle and pop from the fire pit in Texas 

I just had to add this one because it really sums up our countdown at midnight (10 PM). Miss Attitude on the left, Miss Footie PJs barely hanging on by a thread, and neither were the least bit impressed with 'King Julien's New Years Eve Countdown' on Netflix. 

Miss footie pajamas went to sleep right after this, an Miss pompom hat actually rallied and made it all the way to midnight. I think she was asleep before she even got under her covers last night, though. 

Then Mommy and Daddy and their friends toasted champagne and sat around the fire with baby monitors and Pandora old school rap on until 2 AM and it was so much fun. 

And they lived happily ever after. 

Or Mommy and Daddy hopped themselves up on coffee and started asking "When is bedtime?" at 9 AM. 

Basically the same thing. 

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