How Not to Glue Glass Vase Fillers to Your Bathtub

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

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So I have a hate/hate relationship with the one and only bathtub in our house. It's really big so it's a pain in the butt to clean, the jets will no longer turn on making it furthermore impossible to clean properly, and it lets in a ton of cold air (we live in a 1930's Craftsman style home and insulation was not a strong point in building back then apparently)

I know, I just whined that the jets in my bathtub won't come on. The ear grating '1st world problem'-ness of that statement does not elude me. It's not about jets or whether or not they work though, it's just the inability to properly clean the place my children bathe every night and the yuckiness that starts growing in there.

I have made peace with it, though. I can spray those little nasty nozzles with lots of bleach and then rinse them out with my diaper sprayer (those things come in handy for way more than just spraying out dirty diapers btw), put extra caulking around the joints and call it a day, thankful I have a clean-ish place with working hot water to bathe my children every night.

That isn't to say though, that I wouldn't try my hand at a DIY project that could end up looking as cheap as it actually is in order to try and spruce up said bathtub so that I at least like looking at it.

Long story short, I bought a few bags of glass vase fillers at Hobby Lobby, got my hot glue gun and went to town.

Things started out pretty well...

All you need to get started is a few bags of Glass Gems and a hot glue gun!

 photo IMG_6369_zpsb79eba5f.jpg

Start toward the center of your tub and start working your way out in a circular fashion

 photo IMG_6371_zps9e3fc029.jpg

Just apply a big bead of hot glue to the back of your glass gem and press onto the plastic siding of your tub

 photo IMG_6370_zps59710e92.jpg
(these are edited in no way, shape, or form, sorry for the off white balance there)

You could even lay out a pattern on the floor first if you wanted to get really fancy. Or you could just do what I did and place some pretty blue and aqua (or whatever color) stones every so often

 photo bathtubglass_zps581751b1.jpg

It's really just almost too easy

No seriously, this may have been too easy and something bad is about to happen

Something like you walk in the door from your Girl Scout troop leader meeting and you hear glass gems falling onto the tile floor like rain.

Then you find your husband standing there with a look of bewilderment, and also a slight look of terror (probably scared I would blame him, ha!), with his hands in the air saying, "Babe, I don't know what happened. We turned the bathtub on and they just started falling off. Like just, falling off."

And you find this...

 photo IMG_6375_zpsfcbaf04e.jpg

Sidenote/ Anyone like Ron White the stand-up comedian? I can no longer say something just FELL OFF without wanting to add a really colorful expletive in the middle and saying it in that extra thick southern drawl. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you don't mind curse words, and you want to laugh until you cry, Google "Ron White Sears Tire Guy" /Sidenote

So that is where the bathtub stands today. Thankfully that hot glue peels off almost as easily as the glass vase fillers fell off. I did a little research and I think I've found a better adhesive, some GE window and door caulk something-er-uther, so I might try again soon. Maybe. We'll see.

In the meantime, since I can't exactly put together the post I thought I was going to put together, here are some pictures my daughters took when I let them have my camera (that was a very dumb idea but it's still in one piece so it's ok) and they did their own little photography session while I painted the front door. (Post coming soon if it will ever stop freaking raining so I can paint the trim!)

 photo IMG_5919_zps6aef8c42.jpg

 photo IMG_5932_zps3f36213a.jpg

I really wish this one would have turned out clearly!
 photo IMG_5934_zpsf73be637.jpg

 photo IMG_5936_zps7e14f207.jpg

 photo IMG_5967_zps77a3bae0.jpg

Snack. He's thinking she looks like a delicious snack.
 photo IMG_5957_zpsa56eb787.jpg

 photo IMG_5983_zpsba348419.jpg

 photo IMG_6000_zps4396b4cf.jpg

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