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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Because this bathroom will, lord help me, never be finished, I just started buying stuff for other rooms of the house. The next room I am really excited to work on is the playroom. Currently I'm trying to compile my list of realistic projects for the near future and order them in terms of  "1 to way too flipping hot to do anything outdoors so don't even think about it". What that means is a lot of the playroom stuff will be put on the back burner while I (hopefully) tackle a few other projects before it turns into Crematoria out there. 10 points if you can name that movie reference.

But, in the meantime, I am putting my plan together and coming up with a few ideas, most of those ideas are coming from this photograph...

 photo chalkboardwallplayroom_zps599e560d.jpg
...I did a lot of pinvestigating, and I cannot for the life of me find the source of this playroom. I found it one night in what seemed like a pretty short amount of time, but no dice tonight. I'll update with proper credit when I can...

Ok, so back to my planning. I love, love, with a capital "L", LOVE this playroom. And guess where the rug is from? Ikea. Naturally.

But it is $300 on sale and I've seen this exact rug featured in numerous other rooms on design blogs, articles and pinterest pins so I set out to find something similar, but a little more unique. That was when the 80% off Rugs USA e-mail pinged onto my phone, and I knew it was a sign.

Cut to a few weeks later, and only (I realize that's a very relative term) $294 dollars including tax and shipping later, this pretty little thing landed in our playroom:
 photo 008-edited_zps23a06280.jpg

I am crushing on this rug so hard right now. It makes the room feel so much bigger, and I feel like it really hits close to what I liked but with it's own personality.

 photo 011-edited_zpsef748464.jpg

And my sweet little baby bomber is never too far out of frame

 photo 006-edited_zpsa5593e1f.jpg

I also, completely by luck, scored this amazingly awesome bird cage that I've been fawning over for at least 2, if not closer to 3, years.

 photo 020-2_zpsda5ecf4a.jpg

It was in use in my local flower shop. It was home to two little parakeet lovelies, except one of them liked to kill the others and he eventually got too messy so the owner took him back home and put the cage up. (I know, what a romantic story right?) Anyway, the owner just so happened to be ringing me up and I asked her where they went. She told me the story and when I told her how much I loved that bird cage she raised and eyebrow and said "Oh really? I'll make you a deal". I had to bite my tongue really hard not to just blurt out "SOLD" before she even named her price, but then she said $100 and stars came shooting out of my eyes, and now it's sitting in my living room on the floor because I have no where to put it because it's huge and impulsive purchases are the best. *deep breath*

It's got this neat little swirly thing for nest building I suppose
 photo 026-2_zps893ecec4.jpg

And it's just an all around sweet looking piece of metal

 photo 028-2_zpsc48290df.jpg

That's it for now. I had every intention of painting our front door today, but then I saw the forecast called for nothing but rain. I just decided we'd go for a long walk/jog before it started, and I scrapped those plans for another day. Does it make me a bad mom if I'm just hoping the rain means little league practice is cancelled for tonight??

Have a good humpday y'all!

Window Box Flowers with Burlap (No Coconut Husks!)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring is here! Spring is here! Spring is here!

If you are anything like me, you have been chomping at the bit to go outside and plant something. We have a lot of yard, and that little part of my brain that sees the potential in everything just goes into overdrive, but I think I'm doing a better job at scaling it back and focusing on a few key areas so I can oh I don't know, actually get something accomplished this spring/summer. 

One in particular is a window box that has been hanging on the side of our house for ohhh... two years? That I have not ever planted a single.thing in. That finally changed. 

One obstacle that was a little annoying to me was the whole coconut husk thing. I went to buy one and had no clue the exact measurements of my window box, especially since it's a curved shape. The lady at the flower shop is all "Oh well, we have to cut it, and it's priced by the foot (read: expensive)" and that just seemed like more than I wanted to do. So it sat, and sat. 

Then I came across this pin from It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out from the picture how to use burlap to line your flower boxes. 

Sidenote: I can't tell you how many times I am scrolling through Pinterest and see something and think, "How did I not think of that?!"

So I immediately set out to amazon to order me some burlap... and a few months later (because I am nothing if not a procrastinator extraordinaire) this happened...

Window box, meet 2 yards of burlap...
 photo basketburlap_zpsfc2cd92e.jpg

I left it folded in half once lengthwise, then folded it in fourths and tucked it into the window box. I don't have great pictures of that because it was a spur of the moment thing, but just fold and mess with it to get it to fit in there semi-pretty. Once the weight of the dirt is in it you can tweak edges and things more
 photo burlapinbasket_zpsefbfc1ab.jpg

Again, not great pictures (taken with my phone while perched on a step ladder) but next getchya some good potting soil and some pretty flowers, pop those babies in there and water them down, just like in a pot.
 photo pottingsoilplantedflowers_zps0c88aec8.jpg

And there you have it...
 photo pic8_zps4d825cb7.jpg

Flowers that, just 36 hours after planting, will wilt and die in a semi-freak freeze when the weather drops from 80 degrees to 28 (!!!) in less than a day.

A few weeks later though, your window box can look like this...
 photo pic9_zps8b07439b.jpg

Again with the iphone pictures (sorry).

The flowers are, in the beginning, Gerbera daisies picked out by my oldest, and the flowers currently planted post-freeze are Purple Tidal Wave Petunias picked out by yours truly, there are also some other flowers in there but you can't see them because they are still so little, it will hopefully be filling out a bit better in the coming weeks.

The window box I got from my local flower shop, so check out yours or your target/walmart. I only found one looking at amazon, but truth be told, it looked cheap-o and had no ratings so I really can't recommend it.

And here is the exact fabric I ordered: 40-inch, 2 yard long burlap

Hope you're enjoying the sun as much as we are!

What I Won't Miss

Monday, March 3, 2014

There have been lots of blog posts and articles lately about being in the moment with your children. About keeping your patience when it's really, *really* hard because these days "won't last forever". To treasure the moments, even the hard ones because they all pass too quickly.

And it's all true, every word of it.


I have seen a few things lately that make me roll my eyes so hard I can see my brain. Like this:
 photo pilesoflaundry_zps90ff9487.jpg

While I can assure you I will miss small feet, and sloppy kisses, and omigoshtoomanythingstomention... There are two things, I can assure you, I will go to my grave NOT missing and those are:

1) Laundry
2) Grocery shopping with small children

Like two weeks ago when we went to the grocery store and our feet had barely hit the pedestrian crossing, yellow-striped blacktop in front of the sliding doors before our younger daughter piped up, "I have to go potty". Followed by our oldest, "Yeah, me too!"

Before we can even look at a single apple or bunch of grapes, there we are in the public restroom. My number one arch nemesis. You will never know how many nasty things there are to touch/sit on/get your mouth on until you try and traverse a public restroom with a small child. Even better if there are more than one and you have no stroller to strap them into since you can't micromanage them all at once.

After a fight over who will make sure the potty is wiped down, and a lot of "No! I do's it!!", I turn around just in time for our youngest to dump the entire contents of the stall trash can out on the floor. If you have been in a women's restroom you know those stall trashcans are about as nasty as a men's bathroom urinal. I seriously thought about going and telling a staff member that "someone" had dumped the trash out in the bathroom (definitely not us though, nope) and if I could borrow a dustpan and broom.

But for the sake of saving time, since we'd already been in the bathroom for what felt like half an hour, I just got a huge wad of toilet paper and picked it all up while gagging and keeping the youngest pinned against the wall with my butt. I'd love for him to not touch the walls either, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I finally get my youngest daughter all set and we go to wash hands. As I lift her up to the sink, her sandal falls off her foot. I don't think much of it because we'll be done in just a few more seconds and we'll get it back on then.

Except almost instantaneously my oldest starts screaming "No! Owen! No!"

And I knew. His penchant for throwing any and everything he can into the nearest body of water reared it's ugly head. And as I whip around the corner, there is her pink sandal IN THE PUBLIC RESTROOM TOILET. Unfortunately there are no latex gloves in public restrooms for such occasions, so with the help of some paper towels, I fish it out without dripping and wash it in hot soapy water, spray it down with hand sanitizer, then run it under the hot air hand dryer.

Then, we started grocery shopping.

Or this story, which just highlights the disheveled-ness that is me trying to navigate the grocery store, which by the way really is like trying to shop while keeping a small heard of goats under control.

I am desperately trying to get out the door, finally, and all I need is a bra. All I have clean however is an old, too small, push-up bra that is on it's last leg. You know, the kind from Victoria's Secret that have the gel push-up pads built into it? I had on a big sweatshirt so I wasn't too concerned, I just needed something to put on. So on it went, and so did we.

When we arrive at the grocery store, I notice this weird wet looking spot on my son's leg. "What is that??" I think, but upon the tried and true "mom smell test" I determine it to be mysterious, but benign and in we go.

We live in a small town, and even though we drive to a town 20 minutes away to shop, there is still no doubt I will run into at least 2 people I know on any given day. On this particular day it was probably five, plus a short conversation I stopped and had with a guy that knows my husband from high school who works there about his new baby.

We finish out, and as I'm waiting to swipe my debit card I notice the spot on my son's grey pants looks even bigger.

"Where is this coming from??"

We go home, I unload groceries, I cook, I pick up, I finally take a 2 minute break to the bathroom and as I turn in the mirror... I see this:
 photo oilsweatshirt_zpsf10e5baa.jpg

That old push-up bra that I should have thrown away ages ago? Yeah, it popped. Probably while trying to wrestle the baby out the door and into the car. I walked around, talked to people, and paraded all around the store aisles like this.

Now, I know. I am incredibly thankful that I live in a country where I can just walk into a building and have my pick from fresh vegetables and fruits and meats and milk and anything else you can think of year round. I am so thankful and grateful to have the money to pay for those groceries, to have a car and gas and top of the line safety seats to get me and my little ducklings there.

But like something else I read on pinterest said, 'saying you can't be upset because someone else has it worse is like saying you can't be happy because someone else has it better'.

Sometimes, grocery shopping just sucks, and you can make the prettiest little memes you want with all the colors and little owls, but I know I will never miss grocery shopping with multiple small children.

And if you've ever been at the store and thought "Why does this only happen to me?" "Why is this is so hard for me and not others?" or "Oh my god I'm so embarrassed, I just walked around the whole store with chocolate on my butt that looks like poop!" (I've had that happen before, too!!) Just know you're not alone.

And one day, 20 years from now, we'll see that young mom struggling with her children and we'll smile and say "It's ok! That used to be me, I totally understand, don't worry. Enjoy it now, they're only young for so long. It goes so fast", like everyone else tells me at the grocery store. And then we'll  consult our perfectly scratched off list, take 10 minutes to read labels, and 15 more just to pick out a bottle of wine. Yes, we'll simply stand there for 15 whole minutes in front of all that glass without a care in the world, and it will be glorious.

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