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Monday, December 29, 2014

Are you like me and just looked at the calendar all "Holy cow! It's New Year's eve on Wednesday?!" What are we going to do?? Well, fret not my pet. Here's a list of 15 ideas that I've come up with, or gleaned from Pinterest-land, that are low-to-no prep (read: great for last minute!), and will guarantee a super fun evening for your whole family.

A lot of the materials here I have on hand at home because well, kids and craft supplies kind of go hand in hand. If you don't have these things on hand however, they would be really easy to pick up at your local Target or Walmart or even grocery store depending on how big of a city you live in. (We live in the country so I now determine store availability of product by town population)

1. Get dressed for that Fab NYE party...
Even if you have no where to go. Paint nails with sparkles, put on one of Dad's ties or better yet, bow ties, put on lip gloss and blush, your nicest clothes, whatever. Kids have so much fun getting dressed up, this alone will be so fun!

2. Glitter Crowns-

Super easy tutorial found here at Best Friends for Frosting. These would be the perfect compliment to all that hard work you put into getting dressed up. We'll be making them a bit more kid friendly and use gold, glitter pipe cleaners instead of wire though.

3.Have an all out New Years Eve dinner-
Let the kids get really involved with helping. Light candles (we love all of our flameless candles!), get out fancy plates (even if they are paper), and really make a big to-do about getting dressed up and eating a "fancy" dinner, even if it is pizza bites and hotdogs!

4.New Years Eve Bingo-

This Bingo free printable is found at Kristen Duke Photography. My kids love to play bingo and it always raises the stakes when you play for leftover Christmas Hershey's Kisses. This can also be a great time killer while you're waiting for that fancy dinner to cook!


Is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen? I found these over at Modern Parents Messy Kids and thought they would add just the right touch to New Years Eve dinner.

6. Year in Review Interview-

I found this awesome free printable Year-In-Review interview sheet at Thirty Handmade Days. This would be a great thing to do during dinner, like a 'What was your favorite part of today' type question 2015 style. But regardless of when you do it, it would definitely a fun memory to add to your children's keepsakes.

7. Photo booth Free Printable Props-

Also from Kristen Duke Photography, these are adorable, and my girls LOVE taking pictures. This would be a fun after dinner activity, and before the party begins. I mean, all fancy dinners have parties afterward, right?!

8.Bake brownies (or cookies, or cupcakes)-
Add icecream and let the kids go to town with sprinkles, candies etc to decorate. Just remember to keep this earlier in the night if you don't want to feed your kids sugar right before bed.

9.Dance Party!!!
Yep. Always have a party after a fancy dinner. While you're waiting for your sweets to bake you can party like it's 2015. Pretty much every child I have ever known loves to sing and dance... Pandora station 'Kids Bops' is where it's at.

10.Paint the fireworks-

I thought this was such an easy and fun idea from Fantastic Fun and Learning for kids to do while waiting to ring in the new year.

11.Make noise makers-

I am not really keen on the horn type ones, so something you can put together and shake or jingle sounds a like a slightly better idea. These looked simple and fun from Kix Cereal

12.Scavenger Hunt-
I really liked this one from Buggy and Buddy because it isn't anything I really need to make sure we have around, these items are all common, and it also involves counting and writing down the numbers. Fun and learning! Win-win!

13.A New Year Balloon pop countdown with a new activity in each balloon-

I found this whole countdown at Craftabilities and thought it was just too good. Basically every idea she has is awesome.

What's new years without some sparkle and pop? A lot of fireworks stands are already up and running. Sparklers are cheap and the most kid friendly (adult supervised) fireworks.

15.Have a balloon drop at Midnight-
Regardless of it you make it a "Noon Years Eve" party, or set your clock fast and make 9 o'clock the new 12 o'clock, having a balloon drop is always a good idea. I looked on Pinterest to find a good DIY and this from Pinnedit looked easy enough and like so much fun!

Here's to 2015!!! Ahhh is it really already '15???

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