Younique 3D Fiber lash review (from someone not selling them)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Have you heard about this new Younique 3D fiber lashes?

They've been all over my Facebook and then some. Being a somewhat lashless girl, any time I hear anything about thickening and/or lengthening lashes my ears perk up. I don't have the time or money for pro lash extensions, I don't feel comfortable with Latisse (which is also expensive), and putting a set of falsies on every time just isn't fun either.  I looked into them and this product guaranteed to give amazing lashes, and was supposed to be as easy as putting on a few extra coats of mascara, so for $30, I just had to know.

To apply them, you put them on after you put on your regular mascara. You apply a coat of their adhesive, which is basically another coat of mascara, then you apply a thin layer of the fibers. The fibers are really strange looking, they just look like little hairs all over the wand and I wasn't sure how it was going to work, but it does! Their promo stuff says they are green tea fibers which I thought was interesting. Then you apply a second coat of the adhesive type mascara to lock them into place. You can continue to add layers after that, but they do suggest using a lash brush, I'm assuming so it doesn't look like you have two tarantulas growing out of your face, but I don't have one so I can't say how much of a difference that would make, but I'm sure it would help some.

My only slight problem with them is if I apply them too heavily, they don't just "fall on my cheeks" like their promo stuff says. It feels like you have a bunch of junk in your eyes and then mine started to turn bright red and itch pretty bad. Nothing horrible, and it wasn't enough for me to even go wash them off, but if I was at a party, this would be no bueno

And in case you need further explanation I made this super awesome awkward video you can watch if you'd like to see it in action (or just laugh at my up-nose shots, seriously you could make a drinking game out of it) P.S I talk SO much, sorry...and such an amazing thumbnail it randomly chose and won't let me change...

So first and foremost here are my peepers sans mascara:

nomascara (2)
I know, yikes!

On Tuesday I curled my eyelashes and wore Benefit "They're Real!" mascara:

On Wednesday I wore my normal Covergirl LashBlastLength mascara in the morning, but didn't curl because my 1.5 year old ran off with my curler and I couldn't find it anywhere:


Then later in the afternoon (and the reason my eyeliner is now all wonky) I applied the Younique fiber lashes:


And here are two shots that show when just one eye is done. Younique on left vs. Covergirl on right:


Here they are rapid fire so you get a good comparison (sorry they are all different sizes, I am apparently not an editing pro of pictures either):
nomascara (2)text

While I was never able to achieve some crazy awesome results like some of the photos out there, I was really impressed and do plan on continuing to use the Younique lashes. They give me the same length I can get with Benefit mascara, but I get a whole lot more volume, too. I am also really impressed with how well they stay on through my work outs in the evenings, but then wash off really easily in the shower with just water and Cetaphil facial cleanser. Like they are all gone, no gunky residue at all, and even better, they have pretty minimal ingredients so I'm not worried about going blind the way I would putting other stuff on my eyes *cough*Latisse*cough*

So if you know someone selling these and you were on the fence, hopefully this will help you make a choice

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