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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Where am I? How did I get here?

Summer is going AWESOME. But things got a lot a bit overwhelming, so I checked out last week. I've basically been doing super boring stuff around here anyway, like sorting broken crayons and mowing the grass, so there wasn't much to report anyway.

Today I wanted to post a few updated pictures of the playroom since the last time you saw it it looked like this and this.

Not a whole lot has changed, but I am hoping that is not the case for long!

We trekked to Ikea and picked up a few things, and a couple I am still waiting on to be delivered.

First, and most importantly for me, we finally got some more chairs for our play table that fit. That means I can now sit with them when we are working on things, and there is room for all three of them without them being on top of each other on the bench. We also got a sweet light to hang over their work space.

We also picked up this shoe organizer. I honestly am not very hopeful that it will keep the shoes *that* organized, but if it could at least hide the chaos I am happy. Also, that space behind the door is really tiny, so it's slender design works great. I plan to put a mirror over it and make it an entry type space for us since that is typically the door we use.

Here is the current toy organization situation. I am planning on moving one of those cubes into Owen's room, and I have two bookcases I ordered from Ikea that will flank either side of the remaining cube. I also plan to paint them, just not sure on color yet.

This space I plan on turning into the kids' drop area. Where they put their backpacks and school papers, etc. If you look on top of the shoe organizer a few photos up, you will see multicolored dog butts. Those are hooks I bought in preparation of that. We thought they were funny.

The dress up clothes will be moving to this corner. Pile-o-babies anyone? I plan on moving the kitchen outside and replacing it with a smaller one. The reason, is that I have been inspired by our outdoor playhouse building experience, and want to build them one indoors, too. Right above this space. Then underneath will be the pretend market/cafe space.

Here's sort of the bigger picture of that

So on my list:
Paint walls with black chalkboard paint (because I'm masochistic like that)
Repaint peeling trim
Paint light fixture hanging above play table... thinking yellow?
Build and paint bookshelves
Paint cube organizer
Create "drop" space for kids (not sure on all those details yet, but I have some ideas)
Find mirror for over the shoe organizer
Build and paint indoor playhouse
Make "Market" banner and "counters"
Find shelf to fit food and accessories
Build smaller kitchen
Find or sew fun pillows for papasan chairs
Find new rug for in front of door

And one last super quick update since we are talking about playhouses, we got a roof on the playhouse!

We built the whole thing ourselves, but the roof had a lot of angles and "bird mouth cuts" and we are just not in the least bit experienced enough for all of that, so we hired someone. I know, such cheaters. But we felt like it was worth it to give them a shady place to play up there. I will hopefully be painting that bad boy soon too, so more to come!

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