Friday, June 6, 2014

We have been thoroughly enjoying our first week of summer. So much so, that there were two posts I was hoping to get done this week and didn't. One was our summer schedule. I spent hours Sunday night putting together this whole June calendar only to seriously screw it up and not know how to fix it, and it doesn't print right. *Sigh*

I rethought the whole schedule idea though, but then I'd pretty much used up all my time making that damn calendar. It is however hanging in our kitchen, so all was not lost. It's just not internets material. (Ok but let's be honest, I'm pretty sure nothing on this blog is)

The other is my "State of the Hydrangea Address" because I know you've just been absolutely riveted on the edge of your seat since this post. *hint* They're alive. Mostly.

So until then, here are some shots, and couple that only went to my personal facebook, from Instagram over the last week...

We started off our summer with a bang. Bang = lots of shopping

And no joke, this picture was taken less than 5 minutes later

My night owl

My oldest girl's first riding lesson (taken really far away with my phone so excuse the extreme blur)

A very relaxing day with my wonderful stylists

The hose is our best friend currently

It's hard waking up from a nap after a morning of sun and water

Gettin' our learn on

My handsome boy (looking terrified-ly...that's not a the car wash we are about to enter)

He liked it once we were in there

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Have a great weekend everyone!!

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