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Monday, June 2, 2014

It's Monday! Hooray! Oh, no?

I don't know if anyone else is like this, but I have to psych myself up to make actual meals, usually by Wednesday I'm prepared to thaw meat. (Ha, let's be honest some weeks even that doesn't happen and it's just a regular mac n' cheese and PB&J free for all around here)

But Monday nights, or nights that we have things going on and we need something quick, these are absolute perfection. It takes me less than ten minutes to throw together and only 12 in the oven. Yes, 20 minutes start to finish and you have a hot, ooey gooey, scrumdidilyumptious dinner, neighbor.

This recipe comes from my mother-in-law. It was originally done on croissants for a baby shower; these are a slight variation I've come to over the last three years.

ham & cheese sandwiches 012

Now I'd love to say that I use hunks of pork from a pasture raised, humanely slaughtered hog from a neighboring farm, but you know, sometimes Hormel from the neighboring grocery store is about as good as it gets. You also need some good Havarti cheese, it's kind of hard to see, sorry! You'll also need some slider buns (Pepperidge farm potato buns are my favorite but I've also seen people use Hawaiian sweet rolls I think)A stick of butter, onion powder or real onion if you're feeling fancy, Worcestershire sauce, yellow mustard, and poppy seeds.

First, set your oven to 350*
ham & cheese sandwiches 035

Then, stick the bottom halves of the rolls in a 9x12 pan, the 9x12 seems to fit a dozen just about perfectly.
ham & cheese sandwiches 015

Now, lay a slice or 12 of ham on each on, then start topping with the Havarti cheese. This is all to your specifications. I like to use one slice of ham and about a half slice of square Havarti cheese. But it's whatever makes your boat float. You can also use any kind of cheese, provolone is another good option.
ham & cheese sandwiches 017

Put the tops back on
ham & cheese sandwiches 019

Then channel your inner Paula Deen and put you a stick-o-buttah in a bowl
ham & cheese sandwiches 019

Melt that butter and prepare to add deliciousness
ham & cheese sandwiches 022

Then add the onion. I use about 1 tsp. I really think I am allergic to onion, I can hardly peel and chop one in half before it looks like I just saw a Sarah McLachlan SPCA commercial, so I opt for powder when I'm cheating and don't feel like dealing with that, but the little bits of onion are awfully yummy on top. For real onion, I use about a half of one.
ham & cheese sandwiches 024

Then add your "What's-this-here" sauce, about 1 tsp. to the bowl
ham & cheese sandwiches 025

Then comes 2 tbsp yellow mustard
ham & cheese sandwiches 027

Then comes 1 tbsp of poppy seeds in the baby carriage
ham & cheese sandwiches 028

Then swirl it all around and pour it over the tops of the sandwiches in your pan. My big girl wanted to help. And that lone sandwich? That's for my allergy baby.
ham & cheese sandwiches 029

Then cover those babies with foil
ham & cheese sandwiches 034

You can then stick them in the fridge for a while to let the butter soak in a bit, and you can even let them sit overnight, making this a great make ahead sandwich for parties. But ain't nobody got time for that, so I just stick 'em straight in the oven at 350*

Set your timer for 10 minutes
ham & cheese sandwiches 036

After 10 minutes, remove the foil and leave sandwiches in for just 2 more minutes. Why did I set the timer for just 2 minutes? Why do cows lie down before it rains? There are some things the universe just isn't meant to understand
ham & cheese sandwiches 038

Bring those out and try and get your paws on one before they all disappear.
ham & cheese sandwiches 040

Ahhhh. Heaven on a plate. That fine dinnerware? It's the paper tartan azul collection by H-E-B.
ham & cheese sandwiches 042

ham & cheese sandwiches 044

Seriously though, if you need a quick dinner tonight, your family will love these.

-12 or more slider buns, your choice.
-Sliced honey or smoked ham in a package or from the deli
-8ish slices of Havarti cheese
-1 stick of butter
-1 tsp onion powder, or half an onion
-1 tsp worestechire sauce
-2 tbsp. yellow mustard
-1 tbsp. poppy seed

To make:
-Preheat oven to 350*
-Put ham and cheese in buns and put in 9x12 pan
-Melt butter in bowl
-Add in onion, woresteschire sauce, mustard, and poppy seed
-Pour over sandwiches
-Cover in foil
-Bake for 10 min
-Bake for two more
-Heaven for your tastebuds

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