How to Recover Your Dining Room Chairs

Thursday, February 13, 2014

One of my favorite things to do is buy lots of supplies for projects that I never start. I have the best intentions y'all, but I usually have a list of 12 million other things to do that are more important, like watching the DVR'd episode of Keeping up With the Kardashians while the kids are napping and eating lunch.

Ok, I'm not really doing any favors for the stereotype of stay-at-home moms eating bonbons and sitting around all day. I'm joking. I work my butt off, it's just when I finally do have time to tackle a project, well that's when I'm all "Nuh-uh, not gonna happen right now."

But in testament to the fact that I have slept through the night like a real person for nearly two weeks straight now (after 3 long years, yes years), I decided to finally tick off at least one of the 50 million items on my "To-Do" list for around the house.

Here is what our dining room chairs looked like earlier today....
 photo DiningChairRecover001_zpsd23f1c1e.jpg

Nothing wrong with them, but they were hard to keep clean, and they were rather blah. My in-laws bought these for me as a birthday present a few years back, and even then my mother-in-law pointed out that they were great neutrals but that they could easily be covered and changed into any pattern or color I liked.

So it took me a few years, but I finally did it. Well, OK half of it because my stupid staple gun crapped out on me and I only got three finished, but I would have finished them!

I chose an indoor/outdoor fabric so that it would be easy to clean. I also plan on spraying it down with a coat of Scotchgard so it might last longer than a day. But once you get that out of the way, then first thing first, flip your (clean) chair over:
 photo DiningChairRecover007_zpsc3f9d67a.jpg

Many will have screws, or some way to detach the fabric covered seat from the chair itself
 photo DiningChairRecover005_zpsed10ca1c.jpg

It's always good if the helper you planned on napping while you did this wakes up as soon as you start. Double points if he shows up with a sucker and you have no idea how he got it.
 photo DiningChairRecover006-2_zpse2029877.jpg

Then I laid out my fabric and since it has a pattern I set the seat underneath it to insure I got the pattern placed where I wanted it, then I cut the fabric with about 4 inches out on each side to have ample room to pull it over the seat and staple it down.

It's kind of hard to see but it's under there...
 photo DiningChairRecover009_zps9254c096.jpg

When I had the material cut and pattern where I wanted it, I carefully wrapped it up like a Christmas present and flipped it over
 photo DiningChairRecover010_zps4b5ae9b0.jpg

Then I started with the straightest sides, and put in three staples to help keep everything in place, then flipped it over to check it and make sure everything stayed where it's supposed to be
 photo DiningChairRecover012-2_zpsd942b879.jpg

You can put in 20 staples if you'd like, but I find the less you can get away with the better. That way if you realize something is a bit wonky as you turn it over and check it, there aren't too many to pull out. It does happen sometimes though, and to tell the truth, if it's sturdy fabric, I just pull up quickly and evenly with some force on the fabric and it will pop the staple right out.

As you get it all stapled down, including those pesky edges, continue checking the front to make sure it looks right, and then you can trim off the excess until your finished product looks like so:
 photo DiningChairRecover013_zpsccc659ec.jpg

Then screw that bad boy back on
 photo DiningChairRecover014_zps972b6385.jpg

And there you have it, a nicely updated chair
 photo DiningChairRecover015-2_zpsbeb57953.jpg

 photo ChairBeforeandAfter-2_zps1c032745.jpg

Quality Control came to make their inspections
 photo DiningChairRecover020_zpsc5e40a95.jpg
Anyone else see all those little bitty fingerprints?

Here is a close-up of sorts of the fabric
 photo DiningChairRecover018_zps39f8ac5e.jpg

And here it is "in action". Still pretty bare in there, but you get the picture. Pay no attention to the chair furthest to the right that didn't make the cut before the fact that I was using the wrong staples in my staple gun caught up to me.
 photo DiningChairRecover025-2_zps0cc8cf3e.jpg

Have a chair you think could use a little freshening up?

I got my fabric here at This is the navy, I don't see the beige anywhere :( But they have tons of amazing fabrics to choose from.

Need to add some extra stain repellent because you have children and can't have nice things for those wayward dinner mishaps? *amazon affiliate* Grab you some Scotchgard here

Or need a staple gun?*amazon affiliate* Get one here

Happy Valentine's Day!


If a Mouse Looks at Etsy...

Saturday, February 8, 2014

If a mouse looks at Etsy for jewelry, she might also search for bathroom decor.

If a mouse searches for bathroom decor, she might see jellyfish themed towels.

If she sees jellyfish themed towels, she will also search jellyfish in general because jellyfish are awesome.

If she searches for jellyfish in general, she just might find these bad boys...

 photo petitbeastjellyfish_zpse6d08d1c.jpg
from PetitBeast on Etsy

Then she might rethink the entire concept for her bathroom she's been working on.

And if she rethinks her entire color and decor concept, then she'll have to find something else to do around the house.


So I'm still not done with the kids' bathroom. But I am really stoked for what I came up with.

In the meantime, I needed to fix up something around the house, and because well dang, I haven't had a post in over a month!

So I found the saddest looking/most disorganized corner of the playroom:
 photo 033-2_zps7f6f6225.jpg

Sometimes I walk in our playroom and think, "Man, this is really coming along!" Then I take pictures of it for other people to look at and nope. Just nope.

Here's a broader view of that side of the room. I initially made a sort of "circle time" area there on the right, except we rarely use it for that purpose and it's a giant rectangle of space largely unused, so I've decided to fix that.
 photo 030-2_zpsa5a1960c.jpg

Here is the very beginning of what I'm going to turn into our Make Believe center. It can be a house, a restaurant, a vet's office, a castle. You get the picture. But for now, it's a kitchen, a white board, and a broken baby bed.
 photo 048-2_zps7ba80e94.jpg

One trait that I really like about myself is that I can see the potential in things. I can look past a lot of imperfections and see what something can become. This has helped me in a lot of ways in life. But sometimes, well, sometimes people probably think I'm really crazy. That's OK though, they can't hear it, but I can hear the beat of my drum loud and clear. And this little house is getting there.

And the other corner.
 photo 041-2_zps9e7ae59b.jpg

I moved a bench/toy chest that my husband and his sister had when they were little into the corner, then popped our taller legs on our activity table and voila. This corner obviously still needs a lot of work, too. Namely, paint. That square of purple paint has been staring at me for a good 3.5 years. It has yet to bother me enough to actually spur me into action. Almost, though.

There's another, seafoam colored swatch on the other side of the room. And a giant purple one in our bedroom, and a navy and billiard green colored one in the laundry room. Once upon a time I thought if I did this then we'd have to paint and couldn't put it off any longer.


Ha ha ha. Ha.


And sorry for crappy picture quality, I usually have a lot working against me.

Like this:
 photo 044-2_zps964f1607.jpg

Here's to more beautiful corners. Coming soon.

 photo 050-2_zps450f0991.jpg
Baby Bomb!

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