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Monday, October 14, 2013

This weekend we had a very simple and sort of impromptu birthday party for our soon-to-be 1 year old birthday boy

 photo 038-2_zps865f1dbc.jpg

The morning was a bit crazy, so by the time my husband's parents got here, I was just happy the cake was actually baked

It was raining which was great because we definitely needed it, but that also meant it was really dark out and our old light fixtures just don't cast the light I need them to, so suffice to say, these aren't the greatest pictures ever taken

Opening presents with help from the big sisters

 photo 007-2_zps05e04ee5.jpg

And Grand Daddy

 photo 009-2_zpsc9e27a15.jpg

 photo 008-2_zps8ab49064.jpg

He's walking!!!! It's those so sweet drunken sailor, kind of off to the right, then to the left, then down on your butt kind of steps, but he can make it across the room and even stand up on his own without holding on to anything now. I give him two weeks tops and he'll be running

 photo 020-2_zps07a73014.jpg

And I'm sorry, but these pictures of my baby boy looking up at his Daddy and Grand Daddy just make my heart swoon

 photo 010-3_zpscdc0cf43.jpg


 photo 013-2_zps50bf90e5.jpg

His Scout puppy that I am crossing my fingers, holding by breath, and spinning in circles hoping it helps him sleep through the night with it's lullaby music. Mama is getting very tired

 photo 023-2_zps3ca781f0.jpg

Bringing out the birthday cake

 photo 043-2_zpsde620242.jpg

Sister is a mean candle-blower-out-er

 photo 047_zps84fa5120.jpg

 photo 049-2_zps87407d80.jpg

His birthday is still not for a little bit longer, but we wanted to celebrate with his grandparents while we had the chance. My goal is to have his high chair finished in time so I can take some more official 1st birthday photos

 photo 057-2_zps0c814a09.jpg

Oh sweet boy, you are so very very loved

 photo 062-2_zpsa4adabce.jpg

I'll be back more this week with some backyard mamarazzi shots

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