Hammocks & Fall

Sunday, October 20, 2013

We've been having some beautiful weather lately. Chilly mornings in the 50's, low 70's afternoons, and high 60's evenings. Absolute perfection for playing outside, and play we have.

A little nature painting

 photo 077-2_zps95e9f4b0.jpg

A little wagon riding

 photo 101-2_zps2a417865.jpg

The chickens have been out foraging all over the hay field

 photo 103-2_zpse5dc13d6.jpg

 photo 107-2_zps3ad64012.jpg

No nap, a truck drops a trailer across the street making a big scary noise, and sometimes being 2 is just really hard

 photo 122-2_zpsca149b62.jpg

He used to hate grass, but now it's everything I can do so that he doesn't put it in his mouth

 photo 128-2_zps68aabd7b.jpg

 photo 112-2_zpsf8cd02b6.jpg

Daddy was trying to relax

 photo 155-2_zpsdd0847a5.jpg


 photo 187-2_zpsf244c82c.jpg

From smiling to fussing in .5 seconds flat

 photo 162-2_zpsccbc5b8f.jpg

Me and this baby had a little mini photo shoot off to the side while the littles were playing monkey and climbing all over Daddy

 photo 184-2_zps3fa65987.jpg

 photo 173-2_zps44b4fa74.jpg

 photo 180-2_zps6b6d595b.jpg

I made my husband let me take pictures of him. Five minutes later, Him: "Wait, are you going to put these on your blog?" Me: "If you make the cut"

You made it, babe
 photo 249-2_zps4060b59b.jpg

 photo 251-2_zps8aef016e.jpg

Rule #1 of childhood: The dirtier you are, the more fun you're having

 photo 163-2_zps0191aa8b.jpg

 photo 242-2_zpscef956fa.jpg

 photo 252-2_zps790f3437.jpg

Walking, walking everywhere now. Upwards and onwards.

 photo 236-2_zps4771df34.jpg

 photo 293_zps8a40c001.jpg

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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