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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

There is a cold front moving this way and I am so incredibly excited. We had one move through not too long ago, but it didn't take long before we were back in the 90's. So this morning I'm going through all my fun fall stuff I have bought recently, and I really wanted to share this sweater because I just love it. It's fun, a little funky, and so comfy.

 photo 027-2_zps3e8f755d.jpg

 photo 028-2_zps6852d9b9.jpg

I should have been, oh I dunno, working on the bathroom I said was going to be finished in 1-2 weeks a month ago, but I like to make good use of nap time doing important things, like taking pictures of myself in a sweater with a fox wearing glasses 

 photo 084-2_zps21bc85eb.jpg

 photo 123-2_zps6a16865f.jpg

And that cold front moving in? Well, it's really windy here right now and one second the sun is out shining beautifully and the next it's really dark and overcast looking like it's going to pour at any second. That made it a little tricky to find good lighting to take pictures, especially when you're not so skilled with the camera contraption anyway, you have no remote to take pictures and you are relying on a time delay and continuous shooting mode. I got frustrated, so this happened...

 photo 133-2_zpsc65a0439.jpg

It speaks volumes of my photography that the best lighting is in these photos

 photo 139-2_zpse2a53fd7.jpg

Channeling my inner World War Z walker. I can make a noise that sounds just like them in the movie. Ok maybe not just like them, but it's enough to drive my husband nuts so it's still fun

 photo 142-2_zpsfdc4c8ec.jpg

The best part about these awesome moccasins? 

 photo 160-2_zpsa606475f.jpg

12.95 baby

 photo 152-2_zps70d20398.jpg

Get 'em here at Wally World

You can get the sweater here at Old Navy

And the jeans I bought years ago at Charlotte Russe, but you can find something similar here

Now c'monnnn cold weather! 

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