Kids Bathroom: Before

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Today I thought I'd give a little tour of another room that I plan on working on soon, and that's the kids' bathroom.

This bathroom was redone by the previous owner and is painted in some really great neutral colors. This is fantastic because I am hoping that I will just need to organize, add some shelving and decor and call it a day.

Why has it taken me almost 4 years to come to this conclusion? Well, there are some things in this universe that I guess will just have to remain a mystery, like the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, and my inability to make a decision about home decor.

Ok, so remember when I said a "little" tour?

I wasn't exaggerating

 photo 113-2_zps036c3774.jpg

Old house = small bathrooms, which I completely don't understand because didn't everyone have like 15 kids 80 years ago? Do you know how hard it is for me to just bathe two at a time in here? Especially living on a farm. The dirt! Yeesh.

Anyway, our bathrooms may be small, but they do get the job done.

And I think with the right touch, they can seem cozy and welcoming.

View of the wall I plan to put some shelves on

 photo 114_zps1b6b2169.jpg

My one lonesome and very random piece of decoration

 photo 115_zps4c0110e4.jpg

Ha! I just now realized my finger was in this picture. Sorry folks, this is clearly not a very well thought out post.

The bathtub desperately needs to be re-caulked, and I am going to replace that towel rod with individual towel hooks

 photo 117_zps3e50bd5e.jpg

No worries about the Rapunzel doll, she was at the spa, and that is not mold growing in the grout, it's just leftover bathtub paint.

This mirror I have actually already replaced with a mirror that I bought at my mothership, Ikea. It is much larger than the one shown in the picture below, and I can actually see my hair from the top of my head, to the very ends without having to step up on a stool, then back down to get the full effect, and my children can see themselves brushing their own hair and teeth

 photo 118-Copy_zps145fc040.jpg

And last but not least... the sloppy disorganization that is me:

 photo 111_zpsdb6c6cda.jpg

Clearly these photos are not edited and I swear it's because I'm trying to convey an authentic feel to my pictures, and not at all because I'm lazy and who cares because when I put the edited 'After' pictures next to them, they'll just look that much better. Nope, not that at all.

Alright, well I hope I didn't lose you anywhere. I mean, I know it's a lot of space to take in so I'll let everyone marinate on it for a while and I'll have an after post hopefully in the next week or two and maybe a status update in between.

I have a baby with a very stuffy nose who keeps waking up but I think is now down for the count, so I'm going to try and treat myself to some really luxurious pampering, like a five minute shower before I fall asleep standing up.


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