Monday, September 23, 2013

The best analogy I can think of to describe motherhood, and really life in general, but especially motherhood, is juggling.

You must keep constant vigilance to keep the balls going. You can't sit down, no matter how tired your arms get. Well, you can, but then your balls are all over the floor and it's sometimes even harder collecting them and getting them going again then it was to just keep going.

The last few weeks have been a struggle for me to keep everything flying high. Little man has been incredibly fussy, he gets frustrated constantly, usually because he is pushing a walk behind toy and gets stuck. When he's not frustrated then he's crying at my feet for me to hold him, and I don't dare walk out of a room where he can't see me. Ah, the joys of separation anxiety x teething x going through a big developmental milestone.

Today we went to Ikea to get some things for the kids bathroom. I ended up with half the stuff I planned for, and a bunch of stuff I didn't. One of those impulse buys was this SOCKER terrarium thing. (Fun Fact: I literally just Googled 'glass with plants' because I couldn't think of 'terrarium' that's how tired I am right now)

We decided to plant some beans that our oldest daughter sprouted at school and play outside for a bit

Things started off well

 photo 002-2.jpg

My oldest was having lots of fun packing dirt in and planting her seedlings

 photo 005-2.jpg

 photo 006-2.png

And then Little Man's shoe broke. I didn't take pictures because I was too busy taping it back together. I wish I was joking

 photo 009-2.jpg

Things went well for about 36 seconds. Then, because he was on the gravel, he'd get stuck and this, of course, ensued

 photo 010-2.jpg

I really wanted to get some good pictures of him because today he is 11 months old! Yayyy!!!

 photo 012-2.jpg


Is that not the most pitiful face you've ever seen?

And in case anyone is wondering, he's crying because his toy got stuck on the bump between two slabs of concrete. Also, I didn't just stand there and take pictures while he was crying, he was smiling then a split second later, screaming, so this is what I got.

We went inside after this.

I guess sometimes you just have to admit that all your balls are on the f#*!ing floor, and like when Little Bear has a bad day, you just need to go to bed.

For the record, I did totally just throw out an f-bomb and quote Little Bear all in the same sentence. Come to think of it, I think that is the best analogy for motherhood.

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