Saturday, September 7, 2013

A little over two years ago I started researching for a good family dog. "Good" can mean lots of things, but in particular, I was looking for a breed that would be good with children, didn't require a ton of exercise, was big but not too big, and cuteness was a big plus, too.

One night I was laying in bed flipping through the TV guide when "Sweet Home Alabama" caught my eye. I turned it on more as a buffer show, you know, the one you turn on because you really can't stand much more of RHONJ, but you're pretty sure you could find something more interesting. It was the part of the movie when Melanie (Reese Witherspoon), and her technical 'husband' played by Josh Lucas are fighting and he's loading stuff up in his plane.

All of a sudden this dog appears on screen, and there's this funny scene where Josh Lucas throws a toy or stick into the lake for the dog to fetch and he jumps in after it and doesn't resurface. Reese Witherspoon goes, "Can he swim?" and Josh Lucas goes "Doesn't look like it". From that point on I decided I needed one of those dogs.

I had seen the movie countless times before but never particularly paid attention. I immediately Googled 'Bloodhounds', and the more I read, the more the breed seemed to fit what we needed to a T. As it turned out there was a breeder right here in our small town. I got Elvis for my husband for Father's Day 2011.

Two years later, and our Elvis has been everything we wanted and more. His puppy years most definitely did not fit the calm, lazy, stereotypical hound. There were days I was certain I had read all those articles relating to another breed, and I had made one big mistake. But as he approached his 2nd birthday things started to slow down, and one day it was like someone came in overnight and disconnected a switch.

I am no Bloodhound expert, but I can give you a small glimpse into what life with this guy is like...

1.Elvis do you want to go on a long jog this afternoon?
 photo 017_zps7abf8afb.jpg

2.Elvis, want to go on a hike in the hill country?
 photo 016_zps8c7e4296.jpg
(He's not even havin' any of that)

3. Elvis, want to go work on your commands? Like sit and stay?
 photo 014_zps11cc62d2.jpg

Let me think about it...

 photo 013_zps90a5cd01.jpg

Now that's not really the whole picture. He benefits from having a big yard, he can be very stubborn, likes walks (but seriously he doesn't like going too far when it's hot), he still has this bad habit of jumping on people when he's excited, and apparently this breed is great at tracking which means traveling long distances... but 23.5 hours a day.... you can find this guy right here:
   photo 011_zpsfcbc435c.jpg
That face!

Hope everyone has a Bloodhound kind of weekend!! I think I'm going to go take a nap with my dog.

**I would like to encourage anyone looking for a dog to contact your local shelter first. There are so many dogs without homes, even purebreeds, who are great dogs, but didn't have great owners, or owners who found themselves in situations out of their control where they could no longer care for their pet. If not a shelter, check with local rescue groups, and if none of those options make your skirt fly up, maybe consider making a donation to your local SPCA or animal shelter to help those in need and didn't get as lucky as the guy I just posted a bunch of pictures of. Elvis says 'rank-roo' (must be read in Scooby-Doo voice) Seriously though, thanks! 

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