Public Service Announcement

Monday, August 26, 2013

It's Monday, so I thought I'd start the week out with a little public service announcement.

A lot of blinds in our house have seen better days. So yesterday the babes (kids) and I set out to get new ones at Walmart - Land of Impulse Buys. Get them we did, along with a random wire decorative bucket, two woven baskets, corn pops, Hello Kitty band-aids, and roll of chevron burlap ribbon.

This morning after downing enough caffeine to take out a musk ox, I decided to pop those new babies into place. Things got off to a rocky start. The first box had already been opened, and the white packaging had been haphazardly shoved back in and was peeking up in the window. This looked a whole lot like white blinds to my brain as I simultaneously stopped an avalanche of curtain rods from falling down behind me, answered the meaning of existence to a 6-year-old, and made sure the 10 month old didn't get ghonna-syphi-herpe-lus of the mouth from licking the shopping basket. The blinds however, were not white, but in fact some weird in-between shade of salmon pink and Toyota Camry beige.

Sigh. On to the next box.

Success! White blinds!

This is where I don't have pictures, because really, I didn't think it would be so imperative that I share this urgent public service message with you today...and here is where the PSA comes in:

Please, for the love of all that is good in the world, when you clean your blinds, take them down and clean inside the top as well, or you might find this....
   photo 002_zps92371249.jpg

That my friends, is a giant ball-o-baby-spiders. That is the very stuff my nightmares are made from. Sorry for the terrible photo quality... I literally snapped a shot then had to set it down to get it out of my hand before I had a panic attack. I snapped one more picture of it on the table...

   photo 006_zpsc950e773.jpg

Then I ran outside, threw it in the garbage can and lit the whole thing on fire.

Just kidding, we're in a burn ban.

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