Bathroom Progress

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A while back I showed mine and my husband's bathroom undergoing a bit of an overhaul on Instagram. I am still not finished, but the main bones of it are there, so I thought I'd do a before and 'In Progress' to show what I've got accomplished thus far. Hint: it already looks 1000000x better!

To start here's the before....and *almost* after

The Before was a two tone blue. I had actually already replaced the mirror a while back, but before that, it was just a white, very small medicine cabinet screwed into the wall. The vanity was really small but tall, the shelves above the toilet stuck out really far, and I wanted something pretty and flowy for the window.

What things were before...

And where we are now....

I still have quite a few things on my to-do list- paintings or prints for the walls, build in a medicine cabinet behind the mirror, pretty storage for the shelves, hanging the towel rack, finding a laundry hamper, and possibly new light fixtures. I am also planning on painting that lovely cheap door black. The tile is not my favorite, but for now it stays. I am trying to do the best "bang for your buck" upgrades here because if I have it my way, this is all getting ripped to shreds in a few years anyway.

Hopefully I can get the finished product moving along faster now that a certain little someone is actually letting me (kind of) sleep at night, and is taking nice little naps during the day!

Bead Board Color: Pearl Essence by Glidden (my ALL time favorite white)
Top Color: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore
Curtain: Ikea Vivan Curtains (not the greatest quality, but for $9.99 a pair I'm your girl)
Vanity: Wilmington 36" from McCoy's
Shelves: Target Threshold 36" (on sale right now for $19.99 ea!)
Mirror: Hobby Lobby 2 or 3 years ago I think
Hooks & Curtain Rod: Random Walmart stuff

Faux Fireplace Progress

Monday, January 5, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram then you saw pictures of me putting saw to wood and starting a faux fireplace for our living room. I really haven't gotten any further than what I've shown in pictures, but I should be done in the next couple of weeks now that Christmas is over, so here goes!

Where I'm at right now...

**My 2-year-old broke my computer a while back and I am still using my husband's old work computer. Something happened while I was uploading photos to this dinosaur and I lost all of my in progress shots of the fireplace, so I'm going to do the best I can with what I've got now**

Here is said 2-year-old helping
Behind him though you can see the very first two things I put together. The sides and then main shelf. I will have a more complete post when I finish this puppy with all the measurements and supplies, but I used 1/2" MDF to make the frame. After I did it, I realized I probably didn't use thick enough MDF, but it is holding
up pretty well. If I had to do it over I'd pick 3/4".

Here I have already started to piece the base together which I built using plain old 2x4's

I cut two pieces of MDF to create 'sides' of the fireplace area, and cut a 1x12 to make the doors. 

I screwed the 2x4's together, and cut a piece of MDF to fit the top. MDF is really cheap, like $14 for a giant piece and it's relatively sturdy so for large areas that aren't going to support a ton of weight, it's what I like to work with most. 

I also cut a piece of MDF to fit the back and create the 'fireplace' area. Sarah Jane makes it look awfully pretty, and you can get a good feel for the size of it. I think it's 61" wide. At this point I took it inside to finish.

I am really bummed I don't have all the pictures, but you can see here where I am hiding a door and how I built a frame to fit inside the doorway so I would be able to  mount the TV. I cut a piece of, you guessed it, MDF and screwed it into the 2x4's  and then mounted the TV. This is the one and only part of the project I did have to have help on. I needed an extra set of hands to hold the frame level and screw it into the doorframe. We only used 2 good drywall screws (they work much better on 2x4's than regular wood screws) to fix it into the doorframe for minimal damage. 

In case you are wondering why we are hiding a door it's because we live in an old 1930's farm house which was built before air conditioning. We have approximately 4,506,236 doors in our house and some are just useless and are like right in the middle of the wall where you would what to put a TV. Something the original owners probably didn't think too much about. 

Here is the base flipped to show the underside.

I ran out of screws that day and forgot to add the third support in on the left. It honestly holds up just fine without it, so the likelyhood of me actually putting it in there is slim to none, but yeah, it should be a nice sturdy box. 

Base in place

This picture was taken at an odd angle I guess, but it is really not that un-level (that is not a word according to spellcheck). But here is the base with the 'fireplace' surround sitting on top. I also cut pieces of MDF and mounted shelves inside using simple 1x1 trim to make the supports.

The sides however, are really that wonky. Our garage floor fluctuates everywhere. All the concrete is cracking and I can have a difference in floor elevation by a few inches in just a couple feet of space. This is why I brought the project inside to finish it. But apparently I measured wrong or something and it looks like I am about 1/4" off making the boards bow in on the sides. I chose not to fix it until it was on solid ground, so that will have to be fixed soon. 

And here is where it stands today

 This week I plan on getting it leveled out and all of the pieces attached to one another. Then I'll put the doors on with hinges. The place where all of the pictures are sitting is actually going to have a drop down door in front of it as well, and the 'mantle' will sit on a lip on top of that. 

If the TV ends up being too close to the top of the mantle it will be fairly easy to take it down, slide the MDF up a bit further to give it more height and then remount the television higher as well. But I'm hoping that won't be necessary! 

After I finish the carpentry portion I'm going to paint it, I'm thinking Annie Sloan chalk paint because I've been itching to try it, and then I'll have a full DIY post up.

Happy Monday! 

Plum Paper Designs Planner Review

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Plum Paper Planner. Say that five times fast.

Or don't. I just want to let you know if you are a planner type person, you need to check out Plum Paper Designs planners. They are sold from PlumPaperDesigns on Etsy.

Last year I posted here about my May Designs planner. It scored major bonus points because, well, dinosaurs. It had dinosaurs all over it, which pretty much won me over from the start. (P.S Can I just squee for a moment about Jurassic World coming out on MY BIRTHDAY this year?!)

It was small which I loved for fitting in my purse, and it mostly got the job done.

Except I started running out of space. As the year went on, and things continued to be added in, the 'small' factor I once thought was a good thing turned out to really not be. It was also completely paper. It had no plastic covering, and I did say, even last year, that no cover was a negative due to the nature of being a mom of three young children and how easily and fast thing go from clean to gross.

I looked high and low for another dino option, but they just weren't out there. Besides I figured I probably needed to go with function over form. Which, after lots of research, led me to... *drum roll*

Plum Paper Designs planners

So there aren't any dinosaurs, but the first thing that caught my eye was that it did in fact come with a plastic cover over the front and the back printed covers

I opted for this pretty gold honeycomb design. It didn't have any overlays I could choose from aside from a monogram which I'm not super into, so I figured I'll eventually get someone I know who owns a Cricut to cut me a sticker to put in my own overlay... sort of like this, except I'm thinking a bee

First things first, I'm the realest. What? Iggy Azalea get out of my head!!!

OK, first things first, they give you a 2015 quick look overview which is really nice and also colorful which gets bonus points

Then to select your month, it has these really pretty, sturdy monthly tabs

Go to your select month and the first page is a notes page. This is so great for me and my never ending to-do lists, there is also one at the end of the month

Flip the page, and you'll have your whole month at a glance. I love that there is a place for birthdays, events, and even more notes to the left

Flip again, and you have your first week of the month. It has a small month so you can see which day falls on which day of the week, a weekly checklist as well as more notes. Hooray notes!

But my favorite part is definitely this...
Oh yes. You can have it custom made to add in each family member, plus any category you choose. I chose to leave mine blank but they could be for meal planning, exercise schedules, or even Girl Scout activities (if you're a troop leader. Which I am. I know, I can't believe it either)

Now of all the things I may write about, cleaning will likely never be one of them, that's because I totally suck at it. I was excited though to add this monthly cleaning chart in to the end of each month to maybe help me keep up
No one hold their breath

The thing I liked the most about Plum Paper planners were how much you could really customize it to fit your needs. I chose the family planner, which allowed for all of our names to go in the separate sections on the side of each week, but they also have regular planners, teacher planners, student planners, wedding, fitness, and meal planners.

They also have additional add-ons, like the monthly cleaning schedule, that you can purchase for just a few dollars more, or the sections I'm about to show ya

Do you sell 31? Stella & Dot? Do Passion Parties? If so, you may want to try out the "direct marketing" section to add to my planner. The tab is blank, so you can write in anything you desire.

Even if you aren't in direct sales, this section could also be useful if you have an Etsy store or something similar. Plum Paper has a custom listing you can order, and while I haven't asked them directly, I'm thinking it would be pretty easy to hand pick which sheets you would want under your blank tab to more accurately organize your business

The first pages are your monthly overviews, giving you a place to write your monthly goals, to-dos, incentives given and won, parties scheduled, etc.

The next 3 pages are your party planning lists. For someone whose whole business is based on parties you would need to add in additional part planning pages. They are just $1 each. You could also just photocopy the pages I suppose, but it would be so much nicer to have them all the same color and in the same place  instead of loosely flying around

Here's a To Do list, and Monthly Tasks list. Always helpful for staying on track and keeping up with meeting goals for your business

This was something I had not thought of at all, but saw how useful it really could be. I have a friend who travels pretty far for her parties, and something like this would be so helpful in keeping track of her mileage and keeping her expenses accurate

Which then leads up to the Income & Expenses pages. For my business, for example, I have a lot of trial sized bottles, stickers I buy to label them, books that I hand out or people buy, so this will be a lot nicer than having to make one of my own and keeps it all together with everything else

There is also a large section for contacts. Leads, Hostesses, and Consultants, depending on which types you need. They all come standard with this add-on though.

Then there is a page for passwords. Also, helpful, and apparently I didn't find it necessary to take pictures of these sections?

Then there are the Monthly Expense sections. This can help you reconcile your accounts each month and stay on top of everything for when tax time comes calling and also show you which months were most profitable

The next add-on I purchased was the "Blog" section

It has a few of the same features that the direct marketing add-on has, like a monthly overview

Income & Expenses. Depending on which type of blog you write, this could be helpful. Generally I just blog about what we're doing, so I can't really expense anything, but  you could put in domain hosting expenses and things like that

I have a notebook which is full of ideas. I definitely would be writing down more than just these to pages worth, but it would be good to put in some solid ideas that you'd like to save for a later date, maybe a time when you're busy or having writer's block

I do look at my "stats" mostly because they are posted right next to the title of each blog post when I go to write/edit one, but if your blog was looking to become a more steady and serious business, this would be very helpful information to have to give to advertisers and collaborators


I don't have anything that I would need to put in here... at least not yet? Thus far with my little google ads, I have made $1 and something cents over the last year, but for someone who did reviews of products, or got together with other bloggers or companies to do giveaways, this would be very helpful

An annual planner. This would be great for writing down post ideas you knew you wanted to do seasonally, like a Valentine's Day or Christmas gift giving guide, or it would also be helpful for certain things you needed to do throughout the year, like renewing your hosting, scheduling with someone to help update your blog design, etc.

Then at the very end of the planner, you have you general contacts area, a list of all the US holidays

2016 year at-a-glance, and a folder (it's front and back) to hold things, papers, receipts, whatever you need to keep with you

Plum Paper Design planners offer quite a few other options as well. Everything from a Home Planning section and Monthly Bill Tracker, to adding in photos or extra contacts and check-list sheets, or even a Baby section to record doctor visits, feeding and changing times, and a growth tracker. There is a page limit, so you can't add everything in, but if you really needed it all, you could have two. One for your personal scheduling and home life, and then one for your business side.

And last but not least... the price.

This planner was a bit expensive, at $54.75 shipped. So it did cost more than my May Designs planner did, about $35 more, but the difference is huge. I really wish I had taken a side by side comparison shot to show how much more the Plum Paper Designs planner holds than the May Designs planner.

It also isn't always necessarily that price, as I added in two sections, and the monthly cleaning sheets. Without those the whole planner would have been $43.75, plus I know they offer codes sometimes as well.

Mine did take a couple of week to come in, so if you're still wondering how you're going to keep 2015 organized you should definitely check these planners out and order soon. Here's to a more organized 2015!

**I am not in any way affiliated with Plum Paper Designs. I  just bought their planner and really love it, and wanted to share :)

Small Playroom Update

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Where am I? How did I get here?

Summer is going AWESOME. But things got a lot a bit overwhelming, so I checked out last week. I've basically been doing super boring stuff around here anyway, like sorting broken crayons and mowing the grass, so there wasn't much to report anyway.

Today I wanted to post a few updated pictures of the playroom since the last time you saw it it looked like this and this.

Not a whole lot has changed, but I am hoping that is not the case for long!

We trekked to Ikea and picked up a few things, and a couple I am still waiting on to be delivered.

First, and most importantly for me, we finally got some more chairs for our play table that fit. That means I can now sit with them when we are working on things, and there is room for all three of them without them being on top of each other on the bench. We also got a sweet light to hang over their work space.

We also picked up this shoe organizer. I honestly am not very hopeful that it will keep the shoes *that* organized, but if it could at least hide the chaos I am happy. Also, that space behind the door is really tiny, so it's slender design works great. I plan to put a mirror over it and make it an entry type space for us since that is typically the door we use.

Here is the current toy organization situation. I am planning on moving one of those cubes into Owen's room, and I have two bookcases I ordered from Ikea that will flank either side of the remaining cube. I also plan to paint them, just not sure on color yet.

This space I plan on turning into the kids' drop area. Where they put their backpacks and school papers, etc. If you look on top of the shoe organizer a few photos up, you will see multicolored dog butts. Those are hooks I bought in preparation of that. We thought they were funny.

The dress up clothes will be moving to this corner. Pile-o-babies anyone? I plan on moving the kitchen outside and replacing it with a smaller one. The reason, is that I have been inspired by our outdoor playhouse building experience, and want to build them one indoors, too. Right above this space. Then underneath will be the pretend market/cafe space.

Here's sort of the bigger picture of that

So on my list:
Paint walls with black chalkboard paint (because I'm masochistic like that)
Repaint peeling trim
Paint light fixture hanging above play table... thinking yellow?
Build and paint bookshelves
Paint cube organizer
Create "drop" space for kids (not sure on all those details yet, but I have some ideas)
Find mirror for over the shoe organizer
Build and paint indoor playhouse
Make "Market" banner and "counters"
Find shelf to fit food and accessories
Build smaller kitchen
Find or sew fun pillows for papasan chairs
Find new rug for in front of door

And one last super quick update since we are talking about playhouses, we got a roof on the playhouse!

We built the whole thing ourselves, but the roof had a lot of angles and "bird mouth cuts" and we are just not in the least bit experienced enough for all of that, so we hired someone. I know, such cheaters. But we felt like it was worth it to give them a shady place to play up there. I will hopefully be painting that bad boy soon too, so more to come!

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